Friday, February 22, 2008


This entry is political this time because I’m quite concerned that the present Federal government is wasting so much money that it goes beyond inefficiency. The latest is the really dumb idea that throwing money back at taxpayers is going to get us out of an impending recession. How will spending this money on a few extra gallons of imported gasoline and goods going to help in the long run? It’s not, and so I’m voicing my opinion.

I reckon that if the Fed’s spent $150 billion on development assistance to create fuel cell plants, alternative energy jobs, the country will be much better prepared for the next economic downturn.

If you examine how downturns seem to happen, one thing you’ll notice is that every 10 years we get into a lull. The next lull will likely occur in the next year or so and with the property market being so severe, it will probably, at it’s worst, trigger a depression.

During the last great depression, the Fed instituted massive changes, including construction and reconstruction programs to provide employment.

Instead of waiting for the potential of bad times, why not implement such programs now, because becoming independent on energy would be a wise investment anyway.

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